How to get involved?

Forest Monastery for nuns and monks
We warmly invite you to support this highly meritorious project to aid the monastic Sangha in their spiritual path, and to help propagate the teachings of the Buddha. You can get involved through one of the following ways:

  • Donate a brick
    Each symbolic brick represents an AUD$10 donation towards the monastery building fund. Why not donate one or more today? If you are donating on behalf of your friend or family, download the printable version of the Brick card here or you can pick one up from the BSV Malvern East Centre. You can also download the How to Donate information for your friends and family.


  • Contribute towards the monastery monthly utilities bills
    You also have the option of setting up monthly pledges to help pay for a specificutility item such as electricity to keep the monastics and residents warm, internet, gas etc. Email the office (with Subject line prefaced with “Monthly Pledge”)


  • Donate towards urgent repair costs
    The critical / basic utilities & fixtures which have been in a state of disrepair over many years, are breaking down (& some have already broken down and have been temporarily patched up). The list of projects we have undertaken can be found here. Full or part contribution towards these projects is welcome. Kindly email us indicating the project you would like to support and the donation amount, so that we can provide you with further instructions on how to remit the donation.


  • Make a direct donation
    Any amount is welcome as it will help bring us one step closer to realising the vision. Click here to donate


  • Donate your expertise
    Consider whether you or your business could provide pro bono assistance in areas such as: land surveying, architecture, construction, project management or other skills.


  • Spread the word to garner more support


  • Join our fundraising activities


If you could help or would like to find out more about how you may be able to assist, please either:

  • Email the office (with Subject line prefaced with “NBM Volunteer”).
  • Call Newbury Buddhist Monastery  on (+61) 3 5424 1812 between 9 – 10.00 am. Please leave a voice message for the person in-charge to return your call if the phone is unattended.